Our Business is Saving Lives.

Pairing state-of-the-art app and blockchain technology with a fleet of souped-up motorcycles, LIFEBANK quality-controls and emergency-delivers lifesaving medical products such as blood, blood products and oxygen to hospitals in Lagos and other parts of Nigeria.

Within its first two years of operation LIFEBANK has brought the time it takes its dispatch riders to deliver blood to any hospital in Lagos from 3 hours down to less than 45 minutes – saving more than 5000 lives in the process so far.  

Founded in 2016, Lifebank is on a mission to save one million lives over the next 10 years and is now planning to use drone technology to help reach more remote rural areas across the country.

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Reduce Reuse Recycle

WECYCLERS tackles the garbage and plastic waste crisis in the 21-million-people city of Lagos – Nigeria’s dynamic commercial capital, Africa’s most populous megacity and, unfortunately, a city drowning in its own trash.


Using an app and sms-based rewards-for-recycling system, WECYCLERS incentivizes community members to collect recyclable waste and rewards them with points per kilogram of collected recyclables. The points can be exchanged for food, household items or cash - generating much-needed income for low-income communities in particular.


In addition to cleaning up the environment and preventing millions of plastic bottles being dumped into the Atlantic Ocean every year, WECYCLERS’ 20.000 community members provide a reliable supply of raw materials to the local recycling industry - saving precious resources in the process. 


Aside from its environmental impact and generating income for low-income communities, the for-profit social enterprise has now created 125 jobs - 60% of whom are held by women.


In 2019, WECYCLERS has introduced a recyclables-for-school-fees program to tackle the huge issue of Nigerian kids not being able to afford to go to school. 


As it expands its operations in Lagos and beyond, WECYCLERS has started looking into moving into the recycling business itself.

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Travel Africa!

HOTELS.NG is an online hotel booking start-up based in Lagos, Nigeria, that helps customers book good, clean and safe hotels across Nigeria and beyond. Founded in 2013, HOTELS.NG combines classic hotel booking services with a unique impact entrepreneurship component.


Impact Entrepreneurship – HOTELS.NG’s Remote Internship Program


Acknowledging the dependence of the fledgling Nigerian start-up eco system on the availability of top local tech talent, Mark (the founder of set up HOTELS.NG ground-breaking “Remote Internship”-program in 2016.


The program trains young people with a keen interest in product design and software development to acquire the necessary skills and experience for tech jobs. As part of the program its participants solve real-life problems using their burgeoning programming and design skills.


Being able to take part no matter where they live, the first edition started with 1000 participants from all across Nigeria – logging into their sessions on whatever devices they could find. At the end of the pilot edition, 30 participants made it to the final stage and within one month of completion of the internship they were all placed in jobs at various tech companies and startups.


After the initial success Hotels.NG decided to make the internship a permanent bi-annual program with its interns having built some amazing products since 2016.


In 2018, the program went Pan-African with participants from all over the African continent.


So far the program has trained over 5000 young participants and equipped them with skills and real industry experience they otherwise would have never gained. 


The internship has a 100% job placement rate for participants making the final stage – with some working for employers outside Nigeria including U.S. Silicon Valley and Fortune 500 companies.


Most importantly, the program has become an invaluable, integral part of the Lagos start-up eco system by investing in and training young tech talent urgently needed among local start-ups.  

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Sponsor Our First Interns


You like our idea, but don't want to or can't intern right now? No problem!

Sponsor and support our first interns as they venture out to Africa and Asia! 

With your help we will be able to waive our placement fees, as we build our platform and see off our first interns this winter.

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